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María Paz Bascuñan

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The globe is an object that we associate with the geography, the representation of the world. Borges imagined it ironically, “a map of the Empire, which had the size of the Empire and coincided punctually with it.” In this way he implied that this pretension of accuracy is useless since in fact, maps are only symbols, human constructions that can not be an exact copy of reality. In this way, it is possible to disarm and rearm these works, to give them new meanings. In such a repeated and monotonous image of a sphere with its clearly marked and delimited continents, it is hard to see the anxieties of a multicultural planet reflected. That is why an appropriation and intervention of this everyday object is necessary. On its spherical surface different fragments are superimposed, which end up forming new maps, more eloquent, that invite us to move through territories that we can not know through an atlas. These globes articulate a globalization different from the official one, one that has been drawn in the streets of the whole world: from the sentences written on the walls, a visual script emerges that unfolds through these interventions to manifest the common desire of a more diverse society.

Some terrestrial globes were exposed in the individual exhibition “Sinergia”, ECLAC, (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean) in 2015 and others in the individual exhibition “Correlación”, Espacio Hall, Illustrious Municipality of Las Condes, 2016.